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Auditing services

  • Auditing of financial statements
  • Auditing of consolidated financial statements
  • Auditing of financial statements of budget users
  • Auditing of pre-packed administration sales
  • Auditing based on recapitalization
  • Auditing based on privatization
  • Auditing of grant projects
  • Auditing of development projects (investments and employment)
  • Auditing of other balance sheets (merger, absorption, bankruptcy, liquidation)
  • Special auditing of companies
  • Review of financial statements and information
  • Assurance engagements


  • Accounting consulting
  • Consulting in relation to restructuring of companies
  • Preparation of pre-packed administration sales and services in relation to the implementation thereof
  • Consulting in relation to economic and financial rehabilitation
  • Financial consulting
  • Tax consulting
  • Consulting in relation to customs and foreign exchange operations

Transfer pricing

In accordance with OECD Guidelines for the implementation of the rules on transfer pricing for multinational companies and tax administrations, the Corporate Income Tax Law in the RS, and the rules governing transfer pricing policy and methods according to the "arm's length" principle which apply in determining the transaction prices between related parties, we offer services of preparing transfer pricing studies. 

Other services

  • Valuation of shares
  • Asset valuation (asset due diligence)
  • Equity valuations
  • Financial due diligence and creditworthiness assessment
  • Company reorganization
  • Preparation and assessment of investment projects
  • Economic and financial rehabilitation of companies

Our clients

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